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Three good reasons to use a mattress protector.

A mattress protector is like a fitted sheet or complete encasement which is meant to be used between the surface your mattress and your sheets. It doesn’t need to be heavy or thick to do what it’s designed to do. As such, they have a negligible effect on the comfort or texture of the mattress they are on and are a cost-efficient way to extend the life of your bed and ensure that it will stay nice for years.

It’s important to note that a mattress protector is not the same as a mattress pad or topper. While pad’s and toppers are usually designed to increase the comfort or softness of the bed or to allow the bed to stay cool and breathe better, they will generally not provide many of the benefits that a mattress protector can.
A mattress protector has many benefits, but some of the most important include:


Spills, stains, and spots can all be avoided by having a water-resistant cover to catch any liquids before they get a chance to do any damage. Even if you are a careful person who isn’t concerned with spills, waterproofing is a good idea. All of us perspire while we’re sleeping and produce small amounts of oil from our skin. Without some kind of barrier, all of that moisture is absorbed into your bed. This will eventually start to weaken and compromise the foams and fabrics of your mattress. These substances can also begin to create an odor over an extended period of time which is not something you’ll want your bed to have.
One additional consideration is protecting your warranty, which won’t typically provide for water damage. Even if your warranty claim has nothing to do with moisture, it can be voided by a stain, which could end up costing you.
Most Mattress Protectors come with a lifetime warranty of their own to protect you against liquid damage. If for any reason the cover fails to protect your mattress from liquid you’ll need to file a claim with the manufacturer. If you bought the protector at the same time as the mattress on the same receipt, they would do whatever they can to take the stain out of your bed up-to and including hiring a service to remove the stain or replacing the entire mattress if they can’t get it cleaned.

Containing Allergens and Pests,

Dust, mold, skin cells, soil, animal dander, cosmetics, and many other kinds of irritants can accumulate in your mattress over time. These can lead to asthma-related or allergy issues. Breathing in all that throughout the night won’t be doing your health any favors. Rather than have any buildup in your bed, a protector will catch these substances and can be removed and washed by itself.
A Mattress Protector will also keep out dust mites as well as bed bugs, both of which can present health hazards. However, you’ll want to get a cover that will completely encase your mattress if you're going to adequately protect against these unwanted guests.

Increasing the Lifespan and Quality of your Bed

Most experts advise that the lifetime of your average mattress should be around eight to ten years, but this figure often doesn’t account for the accumulation microbial organisms and other compounds. Using a mattress protector keeps your bed like new for much longer, and will prevent a great deal of the basic wear and tear that can affect its quality. Even if your mattress isn’t brand new, if you’re concerned about keeping it in good condition then a good mattress protector will allow you get the best possible night's sleep from your new bed for as many years as you can.