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The Meaning of Dreams

Dreaming is a part of everyone’s daily routine. Each night, we all spend about two hours or more in a dream state.1 While many of us don’t remember most of our dreams, if you’ve ever experienced a particularly vivid one, you may have wondered if it meant anything.

The exact purpose of dreaming isn’t known, but scientists believe it may help you process your emotions. You may have noticed that your dreams involve something you thought a lot about during the day. This is known as the “continuity hypothesis,” and researchers say it’s proof that dreaming is not an incoherent, irrational occurrence.2

What are Some of The More Common Types of Dreams?

While your dreams reflect your waking life, you may be unsure of their deeper meaning. Some types of dreams are so common that they have a generally accepted explanation.

  • Being Chased

This type of dream can cause a lot of anxiety, making it easier to remember when you wake up. Often, you dream about being chased because you’re running from or trying to avoid something in your life. This helps you understand that there’s an issue that needs to be addressed.Running and going nowhere! That's a common dream people have. Get some sleep with a mattress from the Bed Drs!

  • Running but Going Nowhere

This can be part of a chase dream or stand on its own. You feel like you’re running, but your legs won’t move or you’re not going anywhere. Experts believe this means you have too much on your plate – you’re trying to do too many things at once and can’t catch up.

  • Being Naked in Public

Have you ever dreamed you were at school or work, and realized you forgot to get dressed? Experts suggest this could mean:

  1. You’re trying to hide something
  2. You’re not prepared for something, like a test or presentation

If you’re naked in your dream but no one notices, it’s interpreted that your fears are unfounded. If you don’t care that you’re naked, it suggests that you’re comfortable with who you are.The fear of falling is real when you're dreaming, and the Bed Drs can help you get a good night's sleep with a new mattress!

  • Falling

This type of dream can feel very realistic, and suddenly wake you from a deep sleep. It likely symbolizes your anxieties and insecurities. Something in your life may feel out of your control and there’s nothing you can do to change the situation.

  • Flying

Feeling like you’re flying is often the result of lucid dreaming.3 Typically, this means you are in control of things in your life, or you feel like nothing can defeat you. If you’re having trouble maintaining your flight, someone or something may be standing in your way. If you feel afraid while flying, you may be experiencing challenges you don’t feel prepared for.

  • Death or Dying

Dying is often perceived as negative, but in a dream, it can signify a dramatic change happening for you. You may be closing one chapter of your life to make room for something new.Stress can cause one not to get a good night's sleep. The Bed Drs can help by choosing the right mattress for you. Call today!

  • Paralysis

While you’re dreaming, your body is often paralyzed so you don’t act out your dreams.4 Dreaming about paralysis often happens during the overlap between REM sleep and the waking stage. It also suggests that you feel out of control in your life.

  • Taking an Exam

This type of dream can be anxiety-inducing – you suddenly realize you’re supposed to be taking an exam and must rush to find the testing room. This may mean you’re being scrutinized about something or you’re facing a challenge you don’t feel up to. It may also signal something in your life has been neglected and needs your attention.

  • Teeth Falling Out

Some experts say teeth signify a sense of power and ability to communicate. If you lose your teeth in a dream, it can make you feel powerless and embarrassed about your appearance.

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