Annika R. — ★★★★★ Jul 19, 2017
Johnny is awesome! He is very personable and will help you find the perfect bed! HE DOES NOT PRESSURE PEOPLE LIKE MOST COMPANIES DO! He is nice to chat to while shopping and made the whole experience enjoyable. thanks again Johnny!

Robin C. — ★★★★★ Jul 15, 2017
My bed journey .. I do appreciate working with Johnny at the Scottsdale store .. I visited the
Store weekly over a couple of months , sampling the beds. They set me up on my final bed selection in there quiet room where I could really relax and experience my mattress selection. I now have the mattress in my home.. love it .. it's one of their brands , my selection was for a firm, but a firm with a luxury feeling ..I also purchased the "johnny pillow " for side sleepers .. Amazing and so comfortable ..I appreciated the high quality of customer service and product knowledge a none pressure sales environment and great pricing.
Bed doctors is "all about you getting a good nights sleep. "

Lynsey S. — ★★★★★ Jul 09, 2017
There's a reason why BedDRS gets such fantastic reviews. Excellent customer service, quality mattresses and extremely competitive prices. Johnny was a pleasure to deal with. We are very much looking forward to our mattress arriving. Thanks Johnny!

Alicia H. — ★★★★★ Jul 07, 2017
Wes was so knowledgeable and helpful. I told him what I needed and was able to make a decision within a few minutes. It was the easiest, low-keyed mattress purchase I've ever made. Quick and easy! Thank you!

Mike P. — ★★★★★ Jul 06, 2017
Johnny was great. He helped us find the perfect bed. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. It is the perfect match for our resting needs.

Rose K. — ★★★★★ Jul 05, 2017
You did a wonderful job. I had to return the first mattress that I chose because it was too hard. John Garland at the Scottsdale location was great! He helped me choose a different mattress and made the whole process very smooth. I was never made like it was a problem to exchange my original choice. It seems that they want to make sure that you are happy. Great customer service! Would highly recommend!

Veronica L. — ★★★★★ Jul 05, 2017
It was a great experience and highly recommend Bed Doctors. No pressure and excellent customer service!

Natalie S. L. — ★★★★★ Jul 04, 2017
There was nothing the company could have done more to improve the services and expertise I received. This is a well managed firm and I would suggest it is the premier mattress firm in Arizona. I would recommend the owners without hesitation. They are excellent professionals and have considerable expertise in the business, which is invaluable to the customer who need to rely on management.

Anne S. — ★★★★★ Jun 30, 2017
Very knowledgeable, helpful and no pressure! I have already recommended this store!! We are sleeping great! Thanks!

Brenda P. — ★★★★★ Jun 25, 2017
I bought a cal king beauty rest from bed drs several months ago. I searched all over looking for a bed like my sisters mattress 1st she bought in lk havasu some years back. It happens that bed drs is the only place that sold these...years ago. But Anthony invited me to visit and I found a beautiful bed more comfy than my sisters. I trusted him immediately. I've been all over the east valley looking and it was destined finding this place so far awAy but worth it. I can't feel my husband flipping and flopping on his side nor do I slide off when I sit on the edge. The plastic protector is a waste of money I hated it but I love love my bed. Go there. See Anthony. You can Thank me later.

S K. — ★★★★★ Jun 24, 2017
I had the best mattress buying experience from Bed Drs. After doing a lot of research online ang going to several big retailers, found this store by reading a review online. Decided to check them out on a Sunday evening and it took about 30 minutes to select and purchase my awesome new Simmons Black King mattress. Excellent customer service (no pushy sales person, small business attended by the owner); delivered to my room with haul away. I also purchased these amazing pillows. No more back or neck pain, or waking up in the middle of the night to adjust. We sleep so sound. Highly recommend Bed Drs.

Elliott K. — ★★★★★ Jun 18, 2017
Wonderful service and sincerity in making sure our bed choice is the best for our needs, comfort and budget. Elliott

Praveen S. — ★★★★★ Jun 18, 2017

Andy P. — ★★★★★ June 18, 2017
Easy to work with! Great delivery! I love my new bed!

Mike P. — ★★★★★ June 18, 2017

Tegan S. — ★★★★★ June 18, 2017
We received outstanding service from Anthony at Bed Drs. He found us an awesome deal on the perfect Bed in a Box mattress. We were getting ready to move so he held onto it and their delivery was as promised to the day and time frame three weeks later. Highly recommended.

BUTTITTA J. — ★★★★★ Jun 16, 2017
Anthony was great and took excellent care of us. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks!

Enoch and Joan — ★★★★★ Jun 16, 2017
Bed Drs provides great product for fair prices. They are prompt, courteous and really good people. And we LOVE our mattress.

Cheryl — ★★★★★ 05/13/2017
We are from a suburb in Denver Colorado. Although we live close to a big city my mattress research pointed me to Bedinabox for a memory foam mattress... Bed DRS sells Bedinabox so we were excited that we could test out our online bed in a store... we have family in Phoenix so on a trip in December to celebrate my aunts birthday we "tried " out a mattress ... even though we thought we had the best mattress for us it didn't work out for me (my husband liked it but too firm for me) ... Anthony was the best.. he helped us get a mattress that works for both of us - the serenity gel... even though we live in Colorado I would call Anthony when we need another mattress... I'm also referring my family to Bed DRS ... thank you Anthony!!

Sofia — ★★★★★ 05/12/2017
Was looking for a mattress after much research and trips to several big stores. I was thinking of buying online when I came across reviews from Bed DRs. I am so glad I stopped by. Service was great. Pricing was great. Place was nice. I bought my Simmons mattress and was delivered to my house directly from the factory. Could not be happier. Highly recommend this business.

Mark W. — ★★★★★ May 10, 2017
Delivered on promises!

Sharon M. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017
Great personalized service. Johnny will get you the perfect bed. The atmosphere is relaxed, kind and generous. Highly recommend.

Anatoly G. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017
Excellent service! Very knowledgeable and organized. Everything went smoothly from selection of the mattress to delivery.

Silvan Art of Healing — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017

The bed I purchased from is really great. He gave me a great deal on the bed. Is more comfortable than my Tempur-Pedic. And the adjustable frame has come in very very handy. As someone who suffers from sleep apnea and is a licensed massage therapist I would highly recommend them.

Robert M. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017

Elliott K. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017

Chad C. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017
Had a very good experience. Bought our bed and got so many extras. We were treated like friends forms the get go. Employee from the store hand delivered our pillows to our house. Very good communication. Would most definitely buy from again.

Joanne D. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017
Great company. Response was quick and helpful. I would recommend to anyone who needs a bed. Thank you Bed Drs!

Katrelia D B. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017
Very friendly and helpful. Paying on line can be difficult but, Anthony made it very easy. His knowledge and expertise was very helpful. I received my purchase without any problems. I purchased a king size slit adjustable bed and mattress. They even threw in a few extras, pillows and mattress covers, which was very nice. I got the white glove service, well worth it. I LOVE my new bed. I would definitely recommend any one looking to purchase mattress and bed, Contact the Bed Drs.

Bev M. — ★★★★★ May 09, 2017
The sales staff were very helpful and pleasant. They were not pushy, but gave us all the information we needed to make the right selection for us. We are very happy with the mattress we chose. Have slept extremely well.

Ami P. — ★★★★★ 6/8/2017
We couldn't be happier with our experience at bed Drs. Wes was informative and took time to make sure we got the best mattress. The sleep diagnostic is extremely helpful by allowing Wes to narrow down the best beds for us to try. If you really are indecisive they have a room that you can try to sleep on the mattress for a couple of hours to be really sure. Also, Wes worked with our budget and got us a phenomenal bed that was even lower than anything online.

Ashley L. — ★★★★★ May 07, 2017
We bought our bed over the phone, Bed arrived in perfect condition and on time just like Anthony promised. Would definitely buy another bed from Bed Drs! Wonderful people!

Sofia K. — ★★★★★ 4/30/2017
I had been looking for a mattress for months.  I had done a lot of research and gone to the big department stores to test models.  I was still not sold on pricing. Our bed was over 10 years old and with a shoulder surgery I was having the worst time sleeping comfortably.  I finally decided to buy a bed and was considering doing so from an online retailer, which had the best pricing around on the models I had narrowed down on.  I came across a Bed DRS recommendation online and then read good reviews on Yelp.  I decided to check the store out on a Sunday evening.  I was greeted by Anthony and he was great.  Very personable, knowledgeable, not pushy, and offered me a deal I could not refuse on a higher quality mattress than what I was about to buy somewhere else.  I was in and out of the store in less than 30 minutes with a new mattress and amazing pillows.  My bed came straight from the AZ Simmons factory the following week,  We have been sleeping on it for 3 days and no more constant tossing and turning.

This is the Best place to buy a mattress.  You can also buy a bed-in-a box online and have your bed shipped to your house.  It was pretty comfortable when I tried it but I decided to go for the traditional spring bed.  I highly recommend this Family owned small business.

Rich B. — ★★★★★ 3/9/2017
I did a lot of research before purchasing our next mattress with all these new companies popping up in the last few years. Going on sleepinglikethedead.com I definitely wanted to check out the Bed in a Box mattresses. Anthony the President of Bed DRS was very knowledgeable and had us lay on a pressure sensor bed and we found the perfect mattress. It was the Serenity by Bed in a Box. We were immediately sold with a great price and finding the perfect pillow for us. We will definitely be shopping again at Bed DRS.

Laurie reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ February 15
We recently bought 3 beds from Bed DRS. We are so pleased with the beds. Two of the beds are the Bed DRS own brand and they are amazing! The third bed is Bed In a Box brand. Bed DRS is the only place in town where you can buy one! They will do a "sleep mapping" for you as well. Ours was so accurate and now we are all sleeping so comfortably and peacefully.
Joey and Anthony were so patient and helpful. They understand that this is a big and important purchase and we were never rushed or pushed into something that we didn't want.
If you are in the market for a new bed, do yourself a favor and let them help you!

Sam reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ February 18
We had read the reviews about the excellent service and prices. We were not disappointed. Anthony makes it go so easy you'd think he was up the street. Bought the bed in box mattress per his recommendation. Wonderful choice. Bought the Serta custom base and even though pricey. Worth every dollar. You'll have it for years and considering the time in bed you'll be glad you spent extra. Night light vibration and full control of the bed is beyond words. Go for it.

Amy reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ February 25
I recently purchased an adjustable base with complete mattress and topper from Anthony at their Tatum Blvd location and couldn't be more thrilled!! Out of countless options, I was feeling lost on which bed combo to purchase, especially bc I suffer from chronic pain and GI issues. Having an excellent bed is imperative... Anthony took out all of the guess work! When I came in, he had narrowed my needs down to two choices, I went with his top recommended and am blown away! (I purchased the Lavish+Posh Renew series with the Leggett and Platt, fully adjust base). For the entire past week I have slept w ZERO back pain! I haven't been able to say that in nearly 7 years! Thank you again Bed Drs, and of course Anthony, for your care, support and excellent customer service!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Vicki w. — ★★★★★ 1/26/2017
This place is incredible. Great service and prices. Thank you.

Ebube reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ January 5
Simply Outstanding service!!!
I found these guys through a link on Amazon. I called and spoke to Anthony, what a CAPITAL fellow! ... I bought the Beautyrest Smartmotion 2.0 Base x 2 from him over the telephone.
The Item was purchased and shipped from Arizona to Texas, delivered and set up in my home on time by professionals all for a VERY VERY SWEET PRICE, when compared to local dealers . Anthony managed it every step of the way.

Needless to say I am actively encouraging my pals to buy from him and I encourage everyone to buy from him too.
Meanwhile I'm saving up for another base for my guest room.

Scott reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ July 16
It finally came time for my wife and I to purchase a new mattress and we are very happy that we found Bed Drs and Anthony to to help with the process. Bed Drs are the only dealer in AZ for the "bed in a box" brand mattress and carry that privilege excellently. Anthony was very knowledgeable on all the products and extremely low pressure and very friendly.
Anthony was very accommodating for our schedule to bring my wife back to the showroom and provided amazing customer service when it came to getting the additional pillows we purchased delivered to us.
I would recommend Anthony and Bed Drs to any friend or family along with everyone else.

Cherie reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ July 8
This review is way overdue. I can't say enough good things about my experience with Bed Drs. My husband and I decided to take the plunge and invest in a really good mattress. We were drawn to Bed Drs because they do a full analysis of how you sleep and what mattress might best suit your needs.
After finding out what type of mattress would work best for us, Anthony walked us through the store explaining what our options were and why. He took his time with us and didn't try to sell us up into a more expensive option. We felt like he truly wanted us to be happy with our purchase. We picked a foam mattress and they delivered it within days. Delivery and set up was super easy and convenient.
At first we loved the new mattress...but then we started to feel like we made the wrong choice. We realized we're spring mattress people...not foam. My husband called Anthony and he couldn't have been nicer. He went above and beyond to accommodate us again. He didn't make us feel bad or that we were inconveniencing him.
I truly can't say enough good things about these guys. I have already recommended them to family and friends and will continue to do so. Thank you Bed Drs for your incredible customer service. The only thing I'd do differently is write this review immediately instead of waiting a few weeks:)

Brittney reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ April 2
Johnny was kind and super helpful!!! Can't wait for the new mattress!!!

Scott reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ July 22
I highly recommend Bed DRS. I recently moved from upstate NY and needed a new mattress. I visited several mattress stores, including large chains, and felt like the salespeople were more interested in getting my money than finding me the right mattress. From the moment I entered Bed DRS until I left, I could tell Johnny G. was trying to find me the best value on the mattress that best fit my needs. If you're in the market for a mattress, it's worth the longer drive to Bed DRS.

Antoinette reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ April 5
Very friendly and low prices. I will definitely be back.

Greg reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ November 1
Spectacular and friendly customer service and the pricing is excellent.

Katie W. — ★★★★★ 10/8/2016
I highly recommend Anthony and his team at Bed DRS. We recently purchased a new mattress from them and it was the best bed-buying experience we have ever had. Anthony was very knowledgeable and focused on our needs, not just selling another mattress. We purchased a Posh+Lavish mattress and it is the best bed we've ever had. We were not pressured at all during the sales experience and felt that Anthony gave us "space" to make the right decision for us. His entire team is top notch. I highly recommend starting here when looking for your next bed. Please support our local Phoenix businesses!!!

Bethany V. ★★★★★ 9/18/2016
Johnny was really nice and helpful - he obviously knows his mattresses and had great recommendations for us based on how we sleep.  Selecting a mattress was a no-pressure experience and we ended up with mattresses we love at a great price.  When we need another mattress, we know where to go 🙂

Steven S. — ★★★★★ 8/16/2016
Great experience! Very positive guy with great policies and good intentions. Best mattress buying experience I've had.

Adam W. — ★★★★★ 6/24/2016
I live in New Mexico, but stopped by this Bed Drs store driving back from CA so I could check out a "Bed in a Box" mattress. Mr. Garland's service was simply the best I've ever gotten in a retail experience. He patiently answered all my questions, even on items he couldn't sell me, and saved me hundreds of dollars. I bought from him instead of the website, and I'm recommending to my friends here in NM that they buy through him no matter the distance. I signed up for Yelp just to leave this review; he more than earned it.

Coach D. — ★★★★★ 7/15/2016
If you are looking for not only a great bed but a great experience go see Johnny G! He is so knowledgeable on what you need to sleep well and guides you thru the process! Truly one of the best buying experiences! Thanks Johnny for giving me a gift of good sleep !

Darleen reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ July 16
Johnny G is the best ! If you need a mattress this is the place to go, I could not recommend coming here anymore!! Great selection, exceptional service! Go here first you won't regret it!

Aulani reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ February 29
Johnny at Bed Drs was THE reason I bought a bed. Truly one of the best customer service experiences I can remember. Today, I received a note in the mail from Johnny thanking me for my purchase. I would certainly recommend Bed Drs to support small business and get great service.

Hara D. — ★★★★★ 8/13/2016
This store was the third mattress store we came to and it was such a refreshing experience. The manager, Joey, was so knowledgable about his products and confident that we would be happy with our selection. He listened to our needs and matched our wishes to a few choices.  Joey made a point to say that the company in family owned and operated with products made right here in Arizona.  We will definitely go back for future purchases.

Christian reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ September 3
Great service from John Garland at the Scottsdale location. No problems with shopping for a bed, no high-pressure hassling phone calls and delivery went smooth as can be. I'm really looking forward to spending Labor Day weekend on the new bed!

Leah F. — ★★★★★ S 6/4/2016
I'm so excited my new Mattress just got delivered and look forward to sleeping on it tonight . So my review this far is based solely on the customer service & experience I have received . First off I want to give a big thank you to Joey & Anthony they were very fun to work with and helped me while I shopped for two days they didn't act annoyed that I had to keep coming back and try it out until I made my decision ( ok I know I'm kinda high maintenance customer 🙂 They are not pushy and make you feel very comfortable during the whole process. The prices are good and it's a family owned company that I will hope to see expand. Such a different shopping experience than dealing with the larger mass corporate stores. Very knowledgable , friendly and professional. Ps I'm in love with the amazing Icomfort pillow I purchased, if you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper you must have this pillow worth every penny !!! I got to take that home the day I purchased my mattress and no more neck pain and much better nights rest just from a few days using it get two your partner will try to steal your pillow 🙂 Thanks again Bed DRS for a great experience.

Dylan reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ March 7, 2016 ·
Johnny at Bed Drs was extremely helpful in selecting a bed that fit us. He also got us the best deal possible compared to any other store. Highly recommend them to everyone.

Renay reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ September 4
So excited to get my new bed. Johnny was fantastic to work with and so knowledgeable.

Michelle reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ March 8
Great company! Anthony helped me find the perfect mattress sets with by far the best prices in town! Thanks again!

Jim reviewed Bed DRS — ★★★★★ July 20
Fantastic place to buy a bed. Friendly, knowledgeable sales staff, and FAST delivery with VERY reasonable prices. Absolutely stunning performance.

Wendy 3 months ago — ★★★★★
We have been to other stores to purchase a mattress but Bed DRS made our purchase one of the easiest!! Anthony was a pleasure to work with from the second we walked in and addressed any concerns we had. We would highly recommend!!

A M 4 months ago — ★★★★★
Excellent store with amazing prices. Very accommodating attendants that offered a good deal for a floor model. Slept on it so far for a week, astonished. Recommended

Steven 8 months ago - ★★★★★
Great experience, a good guy with good intentions for you to sleep well. Very positive experience.

Ryan a year ago - ★★★★★
I shopped Mattress Firm, American Furniture and a couple of little other mattress stores, and I should have gone here first. Talk about people who care if you sleep or not!!! These guys really know what they are doing! Don't even bother with the other places! Prices are unbeatable and service is unmatchable!

W.G. 9 months ago - ★★★★★
Very good prices and selection, low pressure, friendly salespeople.

Amy a month ago - ★★★★★
I recently purchased an adjustable base with complete mattress and topper from Anthony at their Tatum Blvd location and couldn't be more thrilled!! Out of countless options, I was feeling lost on which bed combo to purchase, especially bc I suffer from chronic pain and GI issues. Having an excellent bed is imperative... Anthony took out all of the guess work! When I came in, he had narrowed my needs down to two choices, I went with his top recommended and am blown away! (I purchased the Lavish+Posh Renew series with the Leggett and Platt, fully adjust base). For the entire past week I have slept w ZERO back pain! I haven't been able to say that in nearly 7 years! Thank you again Bed Drs, and of course Anthony, for your care, support and excellent customer service!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Steve in the last week - ★★★★★
Anthony was very helpful when we purchased our new Bed.

Ivan 11 months ago - ★★★★★
Best service ever!!!!!!! It's a family owned and operated business and the employee there was extremely helpful. He took the time to explain the different options I had and offered to work with me until I got the perfect item for me. He actually cared about my opinion and took the time to listen to what I wanted. He didn't push any product and wasn't pressuring me or rushing me to buy anything until I was sure. I strongly recommend this place for your mattress and pillow needs!

Aulani H. — ★★★★★ 2/29/2016
Johnny at Bed Drs was great. Support small business and get great service here! Very happy with my purchase

Sheryl B. — ★★★★★ 2/14/2016
Johnny "mattress" is the best ever! He made buying a new bed a wonderful experience.  I highly recommend this store.

Ketry C. — ★★★★★ 1/10/2016
If we could give more than 5 stars we would!!!  Our experience with this company was top notch...  Anthony Acosta was the sales person that we dealt with and he was very professional in his line of work...  We left the store feeling like we had made a good friend...  Anthony explained about the warranty and how we had a certain length of time to try the bed out and if we weren't happy with it we could exchange it or return it for a full refund!  Well, we kept the bed for a certain length of time and ended up needing to return it.   I was fine with the bed but my husband wasn't sleeping well on it!!!  We called Anthoney and he immediatly set it in motion to be picked up...  the bed was picked up a few days later...  Thank you Anthony for the excellent service that we were given...  May God continue to bless you always...   Rick and Kerry (Blythe California). : )