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Increased comfort, and better health with an adjustable base

When choosing a base or frame for your mattress, there are a lot of great reasons to choose an adjustable base.


When you combine the right mattress with an adjustable base, you get all the comfort of spending time in your favorite recliner and laying around in bed. Whether you’re a fan of late night movies, lounging and reading a book, bringing your laptop to bed, or spending some quality time kicking your feet up and unwinding before bedtime, an adjustable base has everything you want. An adjustable base lets you lay in bed and do the things you love without having to bend your neck forward or keep your knees up propping something on your legs.

Health Benefits

An adjustable base won’t just bring your mattress to life; it can do wonders for your health. Sciatica, lower back pain, edema, arthritis, and aches and pains from pressure points can all improve by elevating the spine or the legs during sleep. Also, resting with an elevated position can help alleviate snoring, and increase the volume that the lungs can expand. Better breathing lets your body and your brain get more oxygen, which can help with early morning headaches, asthma symptoms, and improve the quality of your rest. Elevating the torso can also aid in digestive functions, reduce symptoms of heartburn, and acid reflux. There are also some medical conditions, such as heart complications, that can require a patient to sleep in an elevated position or that preclude lying flat for long periods of time. For those who are in this position, it is vastly preferable to sleep in a bed, then in a chair or recliner which is not designed to support the body adequately. For those with particular medical concerns of that nature, an adjustable mattress can be essential.

Better Sleep

In addition to the various health benefits that an adjustable base can provide, they also allow you to choose the sleeping position that’s right for you. Having the flexibility to change the angle at which your mattress is situated can keep you from tossing and turning, or propping yourself up with too many pillows, which can cause back strain or muscle cramps. Less time spent getting comfortable makes it easier to fall asleep, and to stay asleep.

What to consider before buying an adjustable base

While an adjustable base has many advantages, they will work best when used with the right mattress. Adjustable bases require a mattress with some flexibility, but also one that’s durable. Memory foam and latex based mattresses work best for this. Either of them is soft and malleable enough to move correctly and to conform to the many shapes that an adjustable base can take, while at the same time they are sturdy enough to withstand the flexing that comes with the job. Traditional innerspring mattresses, especially those of lower firmness, work well with an adjustable base, but they can be slightly more susceptible to wear. Air mattresses, due to the way they constructed are not ideal for use with an adjustable frame. They tend to be too inflexible to yield correctly and stay in position. In addition, some types of air mattresses will break down quickly when used with an adjustable base.