What Happens When You Lose Sleep?

Losing Sleep at any age is not good

At different ages, we have slightly different requirements for optimal sleep. However, many people today cannot find enough quality sleep caused by waking up tired and even sore. Both these conditions suggest a problem with your sleeping system. Our Beddrs stores are equipped with pressure testing to help find the most optimal sleep system. Getting […]

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Find Out If It’s a Sleep Disorder or Your Bed!

sleep signals and sleep disorders

Speaking with people looking for an answer to this question, we’ve found giving a free pressure mapping test, uncovers whether upgrading their sleeping system will alleviate negative effects of sleep deprivation. There may be a serious sleep disorder that gets mitigated somewhat from getting the right bed, in those instances, getting further testing could uncover […]

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What Sleep Used To Be Like

cat napping in window box

  Healthy sleep wasn’t defined the way it is today, as getting 6-8 hours depending on age and other factors. For generations, sleeping healthy was segmented.  People slept for three to three and a half hours and would wake for about an hour, then go back to sleep for another three and a half hours. […]

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